A general list of materials we are currently collecting for shipment:

**You can download our specific list here:  Literature Disposition – we Accept and Send

Bibles, Reference Books, Books on: Prophecy, Religions, Doctrine, etc,  VBS Material Adult Curriculum,  Devotionals,  Tracts,  Choir Music


TAP Ministries Inc.

Information and Disclaimer


TAP Ministries Inc is a faith supported, non-profit, Bible believing ministry that provides gospel literature free of charge.

All of our materials and funds needed for shipment are donated.  We have limited resources and therefore we cannot ship large quantities of Bibles, books, hymnals or other literature.

We examine all materials to the best of our ability and attempt to send materials that are in accordance with our Baptistic stand.  We attempt to provide Bibles and materials that use the King James Version of the Bible unless the recipient has requested otherwise.

The TAP Ministry board of directors, volunteers and financial partners work together to make this ministry possible.  We rejoice in being able to have a small role in your ministry as you serve the Lord Jesus Christ.



Pastor Wes Gunther, Director